Is Abortion or Adoption Right for Me?

Is Abortion or Adoption Right for Me?

Abortion and adoption are very different options. Adoption requires carrying your pregnancy to term, while abortion doesn’t. Abortion also doesn’t require as much planning as adoption does with creating an adoption plan and choosing an adoptive family. So, which one is right for you? Only you can decide your path, but here are three ways

Alternatives to Abortion Clinics in New Mexico

abortion clinics in New Mexico

Finding out you’re pregnant can be scary, especially if the pregnancy is unplanned. Abortion clinics in New Mexico are among the first places some women go when faced with this kind of situation. The most recent figures for New Mexico reveal that 4,620 abortions were performed in a year in the state. Pregnant women who

Open Adoptions: 5 Tips for Birth Parents

open adoptions

Placing your baby for adoption is never an easy decision. Birth mothers who make this choice do so with the best interests of their babies in mind. Choosing adoption does not mean a birth mother must completely sever all ties with her baby. There are four different types of adoption. One of those kinds is

What to Expect After Going Through Adoption

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Finding out you are pregnant when you were not planning to start a family can be overwhelming. Some women know from the moment they see the positive pregnancy test that they are not at a place in their lives where they can raise a child. Others may not be sure how they want to move

5 Things to Consider Before Choosing Adoption

choosing baby adoption

Choosing to place your baby for adoption is a difficult decision. Women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy may consider adoption as an alternative to having an abortion. Opting to carry your baby to term and place them with a loving family is the ultimate act of love for a child. Care Net Albuquerque recognizes

Why You Should Choose Adoption Over Abortion

choosing adoption over abortion is a viable pregnancy alternative

Finding out you are unexpectantly pregnant can cause a flood of emotions. Some women are scared or anxious, while others are excited and nervous. Whatever your feelings, they are perfectly OK. That includes being confused about the best way to handle a pregnancy. For women who are not yet ready for the lifelong commitment of