Is Abortion or Adoption Right for Me?

Abortion and adoption are very different options.

Adoption requires carrying your pregnancy to term, while abortion doesn’t. Abortion also doesn’t require as much planning as adoption does with creating an adoption plan and choosing an adoptive family. So, which one is right for you?

Only you can decide your path, but here are three ways to begin weighing your options.

1. Ask Yourself Tough Questions

Before diving into the nuances of options and next steps, asking yourself hard questions can help you reset and think about what you truly want for your pregnancy and future life.

Ask yourself the following:

  • What are my goals for this year, next, and beyond?
  • Do I want to have a relationship with my child?
  • What do I think about each choice?

Then, picture your life after choosing abortion and then after choosing adoption. What do you think it would be like? How would you feel after each choice? 

2. Research Your Options

Next, research abortion and adoption. 

For abortion, analyze the procedures, side effects, and risks. Understand what to expect and even read stories from women who chose abortion.

Review the three adoption plans: open, closed, and semi-open. These adoption plans vary in how much contact you would have with your future child. 

While an open adoption enables you to communicate openly with the adoptive family and child, a closed adoption plan is anonymous. A semi-open adoption plan falls somewhere in between with communication through a third party.

As a birth mother, you can select an adoptive family. These families undergo background checks and home studies and provide information so you can learn whether they’d offer your child the ideal home and future.

As we suggested with abortion, read stories from women who chose adoption. These stories can give you a unique perspective.

3. Seek Support Along the Way

Pregnancy can be an emotional time. Expressing your thoughts and feelings with a supportive and neutral person can be helpful as you navigate this complicated situation.

At Care Net of Albuquerque, we offer a safe space for you to process and receive free, confidential support services. With five locations and a mobile unit, we’re ready to help.

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