For women who’ve decided now isn’t the right time to raise children, abortion is an option, but it is not the only option. If abortion is a decision you and your partner do not think you can make, adoption is another viable choice.

Healthy women who can carry a pregnancy to term may wish to think about adoption. 

Reasons to consider adoption

There are many reasons women consider adoption when facing an unexpected pregnancy. Here are some of the most common:

  • They are not ready to be parents. 
  • They do not want to be parents. 
  • They lack financial stability.
  • They do not want to be a single parent.
  • They do not have a good relationship with the baby’s father.
  • They lack a strong support system.

Adoption can be a good solution for women who aren’t ready to parent but aren’t comfortable with abortion. 

Types of Adoption Plans

Three different types of adoption plans are available to mothers considering this pregnancy option. 

  • Open adoptions allow the birth mother and the adoptive family to have an ongoing relationship. You maintain contact through pre-agreed methods such as letter writing, phone calls, and visits. Open adoptions often are the best option for a child and birth mother. You build a relationship while answering questions and providing information about their medical history and ethnicity. 
  • Semi-open adoptions generally allow for the birth mother and adoptive family to meet. A third party like an adoption agency handles ongoing contact with the adoptive family and child.
  • Closed adoptions offer the most confidentiality to both the birth mother and adoptive family. The adoption agency chooses the adoptive family for you, and you have no contact in the future.

What happens after choosing adoption?

It is essential to understand that adoption is a permanent, legal process. Once you decide to place your baby with another family and sign the paperwork finalizing that choice, there is no turning back.

For this reason, states give women time after birth to be certain adoption is the best alternative for them and their child. 

You have an active role in making an adoption plan. We can help ensure your best interests are considered throughout the adoption process. 

Adoption education services

We offer pre-adoption and post-adoption education and counseling services to women considering adoption as a pregnancy solution.

We’ve designed our adoption education services to provide the following support:

  • Navigation through the adoption process
  • Access to a support advocate
  • Opportunity to fully explore your thoughts and feelings

Women struggling with their decision to place their child for adoption need ongoing support. We are here to help. Reach out to us today to learn more about adoption as a pregnancy option.