Abortion Safety Checklist

Abortion is a serious decision. Only you can protect your health. Before committing to a termination procedure, make sure you know how to protect yourself. If you are considering abortion, this abortion safety checklist is helpful for ensuring your rights. It includes all the questions your abortion provider should ask you and questions you should ask them before they agree to perform an abortion. 

  1. Have you had a second medical opinion to verify that you are pregnant? (False positives are rare but can occur). 
  2. Have you learned about the possible physical and emotional side effects of abortion? 
  3. Have you had a recent STD (STI) test? Some types of abortions move untreated sexually transmitted infections deeper into the reproductive system, so it is important to know if you have an STI before an abortion is performed. 
  4. Have you had an ultrasound? Ultrasound is the more accurate method for dating a pregnancy. It can also help a medical provider identify potential health risks to the mother. 
  5. If you have already had an ultrasound, were you allowed to see the image? It is your right to see any images produced by an ultrasound if you wish to see them. 
  6. Is anyone pressuring you or forcing you to have an abortion? It is illegal for anyone to pressure you into having an abortion
  7. Do you know about every kind of abortion procedure available? It is important to understand how procedures vary depending on the age of the fetus. 
  8. Have you researched the before and after costs of having an abortion? It is important to understand what is included and who pays for treatment of complications if something goes wrong during the procedure. 
  9. What if I change my mind and I am in the abortion clinic exam room? You have the right to stop at any point, even after initial preparation for the procedure. You can leave at any time. It is illegal for anyone to force you to abort, including medical staff. 
  10. If you have an abortion appointment, will it be performed by a doctor? If not, what medical qualifications does the staff have? 
  11. Does the abortion doctor have hospital admitting privileges? This is important in case there are complications during the procedure. 
  12. What is the safety and legal record of the abortion clinic? It is important to ensure the clinic where the procedure is performed is safe, secure, and uses properly licensed medical staff. 
  13. Does the abortion doctor have medical malpractice insurance? If a doctor is sued frequently, he or she may have difficulty obtaining malpractice insurance. 

Abortion is a life-changing decision that can have serious and even life-threatening outcomes. Once completed, it cannot be undone, so it is important to have all the facts before you proceed. We are here to help you with our free pregnancy care options. There is no pressure or judgment, just help. 

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