Pregnancy is a normal part of life—planned or unplanned—but you can expect some big changes. Understanding what to expect during your pregnancy takes the fear out of the unknown.

What to expect from a parenting education class

Parenting is about meeting all the basic needs of your baby. Creating a warm and nurturing environment where your child is loved is the most important skill you will need. Despite what you may believe, parenting does not come naturally to any of us. It is something we decide to do and then commit ourselves to learning the ins and outs of. Since parents are not perfect, that will not be a skill taught in our free parenting education classes.

Women and their partners or a supportive family member are welcome to take our free parenting education classes that include the following helpful information:

  • Basic needs – food, shelter, and protection are the most important things you can offer your child as a parent. They depend on you to help them survive and thrive.
  • Emotional support – children need our help and guidance in sorting out their feelings while understanding the emotions of others. We offer the best tips for helping your child learn skills like self-control, cooperation, and following directions.
  • Physical safety – learn about how to keep your child safe and secure from harm. They are defenseless and depending on you.
  • Social skills – these are crucial if your child is going to learn to communicate successfully with others. These skills will help them make friends and achieve future success in every aspect of their lives.

Age groups of focus

Children have different needs depending on age. That is why our free parenting education classes cover every stage. From pre-natal through the toddler years, our teachers offer essential tips to shape your parenting skills and abilities.

Benefits of taking a parenting education class

Opting to take our free parenting education classes can help boost your confidence in your choice to become a parent. When parents have the tools and the supports needed to grow their parenting skills, children realize the benefits.

Some of the key benefits of parenting education include:

  • It empowers parents to feel more competent in childrearing
  • It increases positive parenting practices
  • It increases social connections with other parents
  • It improves child behavior
  • It improves parent-child interactions
  • It improves parental mental health and well-being
  • It decreases the risk of child abuse

Signing up for a class

Care Net offers material assistance through our Earn While You Learn program. Some resources include maternity and baby items (such as diapers, formula, maternity and infant clothing) and other necessities from our clothing closets. Interested in learning more about our free parenting education classes? Contact us today to get started. We are here no matter what choice YOU make. If you need to talk with someone and explore the options that are available to you, please give us a call or schedule an appointment.