If you are facing an unwanted or unexpected pregnancy and need to explore your options, CareNet Pregnancy Centers is here to help. Options we discuss include abortion, adoption, and parenting. While we do not perform or refer for abortions, we arm women and their partners with accurate information about all their pregnancy options and provide the support needed to help them feel confident in their choice. 

Women and their partners who seek our help can choose between abortion, adoption, pregnancy and parenting education, as well as post-abortion support services. 

We do not use scare tactics or attempt to shame you into a choice that is not what is best for your situation. We provide a compassionate environment with unbiased, judgment-free pregnancy options, and leave the final decisions up to you and your partner. 

If you would like options or would like to contact us for any reason,
please use the following link. We are here for you.

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