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Care Net Pregnancy Center is here for you during your pregnancy. Finding out you might be pregnant can be challenging, especially if you are struggling to find the care you need. From safe housing and medical services to advice on how to handle an unplanned pregnancy, we have you covered. We offer free pregnancy help, which includes access to numerous resources in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Los Lunas, and Edgewood. You do not have to face the challenges of pregnancy alone. Care Net can provide you with referrals and information on the following resources:

  • Adoption – You have choices when you are pregnant. If you do not feel like you are ready to be a parent for any reason, adoption is one of the options when pregnant. Our staff can discuss the adoption process and explain how it works, which includes your rights as a birth mother. While we do not offer adoption services through our pregnancy help center, we can refer you to reputable adoption agencies that will guide you through the adoption process. 
  • Child Care – Working parents, especially single parents, may require childcare services. The support you receive from our pregnancy help center does not stop once your baby is born. We can assist with finding reliable childcare options. If you need help paying for childcare, we can help connect you with resources. 
  • Educational Programs – Raising a baby is an amazing experience. For new parents who have several questions, Care Net Pregnancy Centers of Albuquerque offer educational programming for both parents to help them feel confident in caring for their baby. This includes parenting, health and nutritional information, as well as basic care techniques. 
  • Housing – We want to ensure every woman who wants to raise her baby has a secure home in which to do so. Our staff can connect you with resources designed to find housing options that meet your needs. 
  • Insurance Assistance – Not having health insurance can be challenging when you are pregnant. You will need prenatal care for a healthy pregnancy as well as medical care for your baby once he or she is born. Part of our free pregnancy help includes medical insurance assistance referrals. We will direct you to agencies who can help make sure both you and your baby are covered. 
  • Legal Aid – Our pregnancy options counseling includes referrals to legal aid and assistance for both the birth mother and father. There may be disagreement about how to handle an unplanned pregnancy. While Care Net does not provide legal advice in our offices, we can direct you to free legal aid to help answer your legal questions about your pregnancy. 
  • Medical services – Whether you choose to have your baby or are considering adoption or abortion, you will need medical care to help support your choice. Care Net offers free pregnancy testing and free pregnancy ultrasounds in our offices. We can refer you to the appropriate medical services depending on the level of care you require. Care Net does not perform or refer for abortions.
  • Paternity Testing – When there is a question about a baby’s paternity, we can help you resolve it. While we do not offer paternity testing at our pregnancy help center, but we can assist you in locating a paternity testing service. If you require assistance paying for the paternity testing, we can help connect you with resources.  
  • Support Groups – No matter which pregnancy options you choose for your pregnancy, you may find it helpful to receive ongoing support. Care Net offers pregnancy and parenting support groups to help you through all stages of pregnancy. For women who decide abortion is the right choice for them, we also have post-abortion support groups to help you work through whatever emotions you may be feeling after terminating your pregnancy. 

Please contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation at one of our centers to discuss your options when pregnant.  

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